Monday, 5 September 2011

Max Payne lets his hair go wild. New Max Payne 3 Screenshots.

The Return of Bullet Time, now with hair physics!-
As if you didn't already know, Rockstar is working on Max Payne 3 a long awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed Max Payne series featuring none other than the star... Max Payne.

You may remember however that Rockstar previously released some screenshots of the new MP featuing a nice shiny shaved head and carrying some extra weight around the middle, I guess the last few years have been spent mainly sitting on the couch.

Although an explosive outcry from the masses at the horrible design and decline of one of our favorite crazy protagonists clearly sparked some changes at the Rockstar hair and beauty centre, because we now see Max returns to having a glorious head of hair, he's managed to drop off some of that extra chub around the waist area and managed to find his old leather jacket at the back of the cupboard just itching to be worn again (and otherwise just itching in general.)

So what do you think of these new Max Payne 3 screenshots? Are you digging the new (old) design or did you prefer a more mature mid-life crisis style Max? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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